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Did you know that if you put a grasshopper in a jar for a day with the lid on and then take the lid off, the grasshopper will only jump as high as before the lid was removed. In only one day, he has created the belief that he can only jump the height of the lid, even though he may have spent a lifetime jumping much higher?

Limiting Beliefs

Are self created by your experiences and interactions with your environment and other people. Held in the body at the cellular level, negative emotions create blockages resulting in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma. These self imposed limits set the standard for your life. You find you are unable to have satisfying relationships, the job you want or your body is breaking down in dis-ease, etc.. When you attempt to make a change, you find you are receiving the same old result. You have, in fact, become addicted to the emotion attached to the outcome.


These files from your cellular memory using the Deep Cellular Healing Method results in living the life you deserve. Through self-acceptance, you gain enlightenment and empowerment; you are able to move forward into desired results once you release the limiting beliefs which have kept you stagnant.

Muscle Response

Allows you to find the block that is holding you back by tapping into your subconscious. Through this empowering method, you are speaking to your body and receiving an enlightening response back. With empowering communication, your body lets you know what it wants to release and how to achieve your desired result

A Empowered Deep Healing Practitioner

(by phone or in person) can help you overcome self-imposed limitations and coach you towards understanding yourself as being capable of becoming all you were meant to be leading to empowerment and enlightenment.

Empowering Workshops are also available... during which you learn to identify limiting issues and how to clear them yourself. Level 1 gives you the tools to self-clear;

Level 2 gives you the ability to help others, as well as deepen your own healing with enlightening results. As a serious student, you may want to complete


Deep Cellular Healing―Level 1:

This two day empowerment workshop teaches you to release the blocks which have created negative patterns in your life. M.J. leads you through self-awareness exercises designed to reveal issues held within your subconscious level. You will become more enlightened about how you have limited yourself through your experiences. Learn how to release this baggage and receive more of what you do want. If you desire a magical, empowered and enlightening life―create it!

Deep Cellular 1-$200 and book $35.00

The clearing from the first day settled a deep peace within myself. This class has provided me with more tools to help heal my spirit and to move forward in following my life purpose. Deep Peace within Myself-Dawn Schuber

Deep Cellular Healing―Level 2:

This two day workshop helps to determine and release addictive emotional behaviours which cause you to create the same results over and over again. As well as deepening your own healing, this level teaches you how to assist others in releasing their emotional baggage. Learn how to work with animals, children and other adults face to face or over the phone to help them live a more empowered life. As an enlightened practitioner, you are invited to participate in a quarterly conference call to share ideas, problem solve and communicate with other empowered practitioners.

Deep Cellular 2- $300


I am filled with amazement at how these techniques can change your life! -Joanne Banman

I feel that the process of Deep Healing is a way to reprogram our body, mind and soul. It helps to release fears, anger and a variety of negative emotions. It has helped me to move through many emotional blocks. The course has given me the power to clear issues as they come up ;but most of all have the confidence to clear them and know that all I have to do is reach out with my fingertips and test. How Empowering!! A way to reprogram our body-Lisa QFt. St. John, B.C.

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Blessings, M.J. Domet

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