Waves of Blue Light

Waves of Blue Light

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2012 Living Now Book Award Medalist – Gold medal representing the aspect of Spirit for Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul, by M.J. Domet (Xlibris)

#1 Spirituality Amazon Bestseller

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An Enlightening Spiritual Journey Unfolds –

Empowerment book offers healing for the heart and soul through prose, pictures, and poetry . Scroll down to view accompanying Daily Guidance Cards from author in Waves of Blue Light: Heal the Heart and Free the Soul. Life is never what people expected it to be. Still they yearn to find life’s purpose as they tread on the path to enlightenment. Capturing spiritual essence in prose, pictures, and poetry, Waves Of Blue Light reflects the inner journey of M.J. Domet, whose personal experiences have led her to teach others the meaning of enlightenment. Reflecting on the guidance she has received on her path, her honest rendition of her life lovingly invites readers to look into her heart and soul, empowering them to heal their own. In this first book by the author, she opens herself to all. She is as honest about her life as possible as she shares this work. Any feelings she expressed within these pages are genuine impressions of how she felt at the time of the lesson. As you go through the affirmations at the end of each section, please remember to breathe each statement in and release your breath to completely accept the new belief and release the outdated, redundant view,” says the author. No one knows what to expect or what they will encounter in this life journey, that’s why it is important that one embraces whatever comes along and carries on with all the passion he or she can muster. This is the core of Domet’s collection of thoughts and verses.

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Review of Waves of Blue Light from Writer's Digest:

The writing sparkles with this author’s passion for understanding the ways of the spiritual life and, in following one of its basic tenets, generously shares her wisdom in the pages of this well-organized book, displaying a real compassion for the human experience in all of its many shades. Ms. Domet presents her observations in essays, poetry and photographs that inspire in ways that can only benefit any reader willing to make the leap of faith and accept and follow her suggestions and the principles she conveys. The writing is clear and concise so as to be accessible to the experienced reader of such books also while remaining wholly accessible to newcomers. "Writing Sparkles Review of Waves of Blue Light from Writer's Digest:Writers Digest USA

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