Get Ready to Catch the WAVE!

W = Wisdom

A =Awakening

V =Vibrational

E =Energy

S =System

"To reach the pinnacle of pure spiritual energy, you must first recognize yourselves as being truly and utterly perfect spiritual light. Making excuses for who you are no longer works in this space. Living on earth gives you free will but it no longer gives you freedom to live outside your true power!"

These words and many others were recently channelled to me by my spiritual guide Isaiah-he is the inspiration behind WAVES -as we are being asked to reconnect with true purpose and increase our vibrational energy by awakening to our wisdom within.

Are you an observer in you life and want to be a participant?

Do you want to create a new story?

Do you say " yes" to the journey?

You will reach beyond your human senses and touch the core of your existence.

WAVES- $150.00

How you enroll or Order Online Workshops:

  1. Click on any links above to read about the workshops or online workshops that interest you.
  2. Decide which classes or workshops you want to take.
  3. Email me at (expecttobeempowered at gmail.com ) with the name of the workshop you'd like to take and any questions you have.
    1. I will send you an invoice once we have discussed dates.
    2. When you receive the invoice, e-transfer me the amount at the same email address
    3. Note: if you have any problems, I can be reached via email

See you at one of our workshops!

To find out if this is a fit for you contact M.J. at expecttobeempowered@gmail.com


M.J. Domet

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