Esfandiar Ahmadi Sculptures  -

Esfandiar Ahmadi is an Iranian sculptor. Born in Shiraz (Iran), Ahmadi has lived and worked in London since the early 1980’s where he moved to study science, first at the Surrey University and later at the Temanos Academy- Prince Charles School of Architecture


He initially began exhibiting his work as part of New British Sculpture art scene. He went on to exhibit his painting at St. Raphael Gallery   in London, Leighton House Museum in Holland Park London, when he was awarded the sponsorship from the Museum.

Ahmadi spent his early years in Iran, first in Shiraz, and then in Tehran  , where he graduated as a scientist in electrical engineering in Iran.  He then left for Britain where he attended Surrey University for furthering his studding in science and Computer Information at London South Bank University where he became a full time academic teaching postgraduate and undergraduate students.

Ahmadi's pieces are frequently simple, curved forms, usually with woods and dental plaster. Most often, the intention is to engage the viewer, producing simple solid and void and simple beauty, evoking mystery through their inviting surfaces. His early pieces rely on metals engraved to cover the works. This practice was inspired by his family’s craftsmanship with wood. His later works are represents visible-invisible, conscious-unconscious, male-female and body-mind

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