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Esfandiar Ahmadi



Esfandiar Ahmadi has been with Huma group since it was formed, influenced by the mystical and emotional odyssey spanning decades of Middle Eastern cultural, political, and religious history. He, like other artists and poets, reacted with hope to the new changes in the Middle East. For years he has been a full-time member of the academic staff at London South Bank University, where he did research on Multimedia e-learning and taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. He led a literary circle in London from 1995 where he regularly performed his poetry. He has also performed his work at various conferences and poetry circles. His latest reading was organised by the Middle East Department of Oxford University. He is the author of seven poetry collections; five are already published in English – the First Anthology of Pegasus Poetry group and Second Anthology of Pegasus Poetry group -Three Books in One and Huma Bird poetry book   two of which are in his Persian mother tongue, which have been prepared for publication. Over the last twenty years he has infused his painting with his poetic vision, and has had various solo and group exhibitions of his art throughout the UK. He won an award and sponsorship from Leighton House Museum in London in 1997 for his exhibition of paintings, which were inspired by the mystic Persian poet Rumi.  His latest exhibition was held at the St Raphael Gallery in central London in 2006, where he regularly exhibits his work.