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Huma Bird Poets

Huma Bird Poets has been running since late September 2008 from countries like Cypriot,North African, Palestinian, Emirati and Iranian the collection compiled and edited by Tessa Dummett . She has included a synopsis of the poet's voices in the way that the impressions of their  poetry have left her with the images and  of who they are as poets ........
"When I Think of Esfandiar and his poetry I see paisley patterns, emerald and azure blue swirls in his oil painting, and through his poems and his paintings,some Huma eagle face bursting out and its forceful bird beak singing to the moon, to the firy flames that rise around his griffins, angels hovering in a pine forest where Mitra walks blindly and sings her soft songs"
Esfandiar Esfandarmaz,
25 Oct 2009, 09:30