Here is some information related to some recent presentations we have given not directly related to the EP curriculum.

1. Nontraditional Grading in a Traditional Environment

  • Files including -
    • Student Handout Explaining the system (GradingDescriptionOS)
    • Progress Report Form (ProgressReportQuick)
    • Term Grade Proposal form (GradeProposalTerm)
    • Final Grade Proposal form (FinalGrade)
  • This system was inspired by an Article written by Alfie Kohn: From Degrading to De-grading

2. Electronics in High School: Simulation/Lab Investigation students can do to learn about an AC to DC converter and a simple audio amplifier.


The grading files are shared as .pdf (portable document files) and .odt (open office files). is a free office suite that you can download online that works on multiple platforms.

Note: These files are being provided for review purposes. We are providing them to you to try with your students. We would love to get some feedback from you so please keep in touch.