Energizing Physics

An Introductory Physics Course For High School (and even College)

Aaron Osowiecki & Jesse Southwick

Boston Latin School, Boston MA

© 2015 Aaron Osowiecki, Jesse Southwick. All rights reserved. Teachers who obtain these materials from the authors are hereby granted permission to make copies of students worksheets and readings for use with their own students.

You can access the student materials for this course with this link: Energizing Physics Student Workbook

Teachers can reach out to us to gain access to the teacher materials.

MAST Workshop - Desmos is not just for math teachers!

MIT Blossoms Video - Does the ground know if you put on weight?

Jesse and I worked with BLOSSOMS (Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies) at MIT to develop an introductory force lesson. You can have us in your classroom guiding the students through Lesson 3.04 where students learn about forces and force diagrams. Click on this link to access the video.

Workshops - Aaron and Jesse have run workshops for teachers at institutes and national conferences (NSTA and AAPT). Contact us if you are interested in us coming in to run a workshop for your organization.