Hollywood Physics - EP Ch4 Force and Motion Project

Using numbers developed by teachers or curriculum designers, students become adept at manipulating those numbers to find velocity, acceleration, net force, etc. However, do students really know what those numbers mean? Do they realize that the real world is full of numbers? Can they quantify a physical situation on their own? At the end of our force and motion unit, students demonstrate their understanding by breaking down the physics of a Hollywood action clip. After, using the context of the clip and research to estimate mass, initial velocity, distances and timeframes, students then apply the kinematic equations and Newton’s Second Law of Motion to quantify the forces involved in the situation. Come and analyze a few action clips to see how you can use Hollywood Physics to assess your own students in a rich and different way.

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Practice Analysis

Trashcan - What is Emily's pushing force?

Harry's Bus - Is it a muggle or wizard bus?

Sample Projects - Super Eyeballs, Fast and Furious