What is Fucosidosis?

Can Fucosidosis be prevented?

A simple DNA test for Fucosidosis has been available since 1997.

A DNA test makes Fucosidosis completely preventable.  The test accurately determines the genetic status of a dog as either:

Clinically affected puppies cannot be produced if at least one parent in any mating is genetically Clear.

 DNA Test Procedure:

Kennel Club Recording of Fucosidosis DNA Test Results

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If any ESS owner and/or breeder needs help or further information relating to Fucosidosis, we would be happy to hear from them.  We would also be extremely grateful if ESS owners would help us to monitor Fucosidosis in ESS by reporting online any confirmed diagnosis of Fucosidosis or the death of your ESS from the disease.  All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

For further information or advice, please contact the

ESS Breed Clubs Health Co-ordinators