Contact a Health Co-ordinator

UK English Springer Spaniel Breed Clubs' Health Co-ordinators:

Lesley Field

Tel: 01923 823579

Louise Scott

Tel: 020 8427 3396

Please note:

The English Springer Spaniel Breed Health Co-ordinators are not Veterinary Surgeons but are very experienced, long term owners/breeders of English Springer Spaniels appointed by the UK English Springer Spaniel Breed Clubs* (and approved and supported by The Kennel Club) to act responsibly as advisors on the health and welfare of the Breed.

Owners and breeders should remember that it is always advisable to consult their Veterinary Surgeon in cases of any clinical/medical problems associated with their English Springer Spaniel. The UK English Springer Spaniel Breed Clubs cannot hold any responsibility for the consequences, should anyone choose not to consult their Veterinary Surgeon. Nor can they or the Health Co-ordinators hold any responsibility for the management or treatment of any English Springer Spaniel by their owner/breeder as a result of information obtained from this website or any of the ESS Breed Clubs via their websites, correspondence, newsletters, flyers, social media pages, etc., or as a result of any form of communication between themselves and the Health Co-ordinators (whether verbal or written).