2014 KENNEl CLUB pedigree breed Health Survey

In 2014, the Kennel Club carried out a Pedigree Breed Health Survey. This was a nationwide survey of UK pedigree dogs to help understand the health of each breed. Across all breeds, the survey collected usable data on nearly 50,000 Kennel Club registered dogs.

The five highest numbers of responses came from Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, English Springer Spaniels and Border Terriers.

Survey responses were received for 2,060 living English Springer Spaniels, representing 4.79% of the total across all breeds.

There were 224 responses for deceased English Springer Spaniels, representing 3.99% of the total.

Although the response to the KC survey was much smaller than for the 2013 ESS Breed Clubs Health Survey (which recorded responses for 4,327 living and 690 deceased ESS), many of the overall results were very similar.

Below is a summary comparison of the headline results of the two surveys:


Reported Health Conditions in English Springer Spaniels:

Causes of Death in English Springer Spaniels:

For more details of the 2014 Kennel Club Health Survey results, click on the link below: