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Club Tournaments 
The club organises 5 handicapped, inter-club tournaments throughout the season.
These events take over from a normal club night. Please see the clubs fixtures page for exact dates.

Pip Cooper - Mixed Doubles / Handicapped / Partner picked at random. 

Rod BurrowsMixed Doubles / Handicapped / Partner picked at random. 

Level Doubles (PPAR) - Level Doubles / Handicapped /  Partner picked at random. 

Ken Wheeler - Mixed Doubles / Handicapped / Pick your own partner. 

Level Doubles (PYOP) - Level Doubles / Handicapped /  Pick your own partner.

To view see our club tournament wall of fame please click here.

Please note: We are very sorry but on these dates visitors will be
unable to take part.

League Tournaments -  (Played Throughout the Season)
Tournament Lokeren (Belgium) - 

Sara Mason, Ely Victoria (Cambs Open Mixed Winner 2011-2012)

Club Handicaps
These handicaps allows member of all ages and abilities to compete against each other but only those who play beyond their usual standard will win.

Handicaps for new members are provided by the club chairman and these are reviewed after each tournament result.

Official handicaps are shown below.

Player Handicaps