Last revised: 7th May 1996.

    1. TitleThe club shall be named “Ely Victoria Badminton Club”.

    2. ObjectivesThe objectives of the club shall be to provide facilities for the playing of Badminton.

    3. MembershipMembership implies the right to:

    4. Vote for such officers as are put up for election.

    5. Vote on all constitutional policy within the club.

    6. Stand for office in the club. Always providing that membership fees and any payments due to the club are fully paid. The management committee shall have power at any time to appoint non-playing Honary Life Members. The total membership of the club shall be fixed at each Annual General Meeting of the club, subject to the proviso that the Management Committee shall have overriding power to vary this number should circumstances warrant this to be necessary. Candidates for membership must make their application in writing, and the selection shall be at the discretion of the Management Committee.

    7. Annual General MeetingThe Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be open to all members of the club and shall be held each year upon a date at a time to be fixed by the Management Committee for the following purposes:

    8. To receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

    9. To elect the Management Committee.

    10. To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting according to the note below. Notice of such meetings will be circulated 28 days in advance. Items for inclusion in the agenda must be in the Secretary’s hands at least 21 days prior to the AGM. No business shall be discussed at the AGM unless at least 40% of the current membership are present.

    11. Special General MeetingThe Management Committee may at any time for any special purpose call a Special General Meeting and they shall do so forthwith upon the requisition in writing, of one third of the total membership of the club stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. At a Special General Meeting no business shall be transacted other than that for which the meeting was called.

    12. No resolution shall be passed at a Special General Meeting unless at least 40% of the current membership are present.

    13. Management CommitteeThe affairs of the club shall be conducted by a Management Committee which shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and two other officers (making a minimum of 7) to be elected annually. The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees as necessary.

    14. Four members shall make a Quorum. The Management Committee shall have the power to retire any member who has been absent from three consecutive meetings, and have power to elect any club member to fill in any vacancy. The Secretary shall keep proper minutes of all committee and member meetings.

    15. SubscriptionsThe annual subscription for all members shall be such amounts as shall from time to time be determined by the AGM.

    16. The annual subscription for all members shall be such amounts as shall from time to time be determined by the AGM and shall be paid to the treasurer in a predefined number of instalments by an agreed due date(s). If a member fails to pay an instalment and, after a reminder has been given, is in arrears after 14 days, they will cease to be a member of the club. They may, at the discretion of the Management Committee be re-admitted to membership on payment of arrears.

    17. Banking ArrangementsThe club shall have a bank account and the Treasurer shall ensure that all club funds are deposited in this account. The Treasurer for the time being to be authorised to withdraw club funds from this account as and when required, provided that the authority to withdraw is countersigned by the Chairman or the Secretary of the club for the time being. The club’s financial year shall terminate on the last day of April. The account books will be audited annually or at any time consequent to a Special General Meeting.

    18. GuestsMembers will be responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests.

    19. Members will be responsible for the payment of playing fees, as set by the Management Committee for their guests.

    20. ComplaintsComplaints must be made in writing to the Secretary and will receive attention by the Management Committee only if made in this way.

    21. DisqualificationTwo thirds of the Committee may expel a member from the club who has in the opinion of the Committee:

    22. Committed a breach of club rules.

    23. Has failed to pay monies due to the club.

    24. Been involved in serious misconduct or actions likely to bring the club into disrepute.

    25. Assets and EquipmentIn the event of the club ceasing to exist in its present form the last acting committee shall be empowered to dispose of any assets and equipment as they see fit, preferably to enhance the sport of Badminton locally.

    26. Bylaws and RegulationsThe Management Committee shall have from time to time make, repeal and amend all such Bylaws and Regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as they shall expedient for the internal management, use of the club’s premises and well-being of the club. All such Bylaws and Regulations shall be binding upon the members until repealed by the Management Committee or set aside by resolution of a general meeting of the club.

    27. Amendments to RulesThe Management Committee shall have power to alter the rules, but no such alteration shall take effect until the same has been confirmed at the AGM or Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

    28. Any proposals by members shall be sent in writing, so that they shall reach the Secretary not later than twenty-one days before the AGM

    29. Obligations of MembersEach member of the club by acceptance of Membership is bound by the rules of the club.