LAMB, Stephen. Education professor says Victoria, Australia, has a very segregated education system

Professor Stephen Lamb is an Education academic at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education (see: ).

Professor Stephen Lamb, quoted as saying Victoria had a very segregated education system (2010): “All of the top-performing [Victoria, Australia] schools are selective in one form or another, either through academic tests or the application of fees. We tend to have kids from wealthy backgrounds who have the highest NAPLAN and VCE results at elite private schools and selective-entry schools and a lot of kids from poorer backgrounds in government schools or poorer Catholic schools. Ultimately, some schools can't achieve the same thing because all the kids they would normally have in their intake have been removed .” [1].

[1]. Professor Stephen Lamb, quoted in  Jewel Topsfield, “Familiar names at the top of the VCE siumit”, The Age, 16 December 2010: .