CLEGG, Nick. UK Liberal Democrat Deputy PM slams British Educational Apartheid

Nick Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is a British Liberal Democrat politician who is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Lord President of the Council and Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the coalition government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Clegg is the Leader of the UK Liberal Democrats and is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sheffield Hallam. As Deputy PM  he famously declared to the House of Commons that the Iraq invasion was “illegal” (see: ) .


Nick Clegg slams Britain’s Educational Apartheid in London speech to the CentreForum thinktank (2010): “Increased levels of attendance at university have not translated into higher levels of social mobility…  A disproportionate number of university students come from the middle and upper classes… We need to attack the educational apartheid that currently exists between vocational and academic learning in general, and between further and higher education in particular.” [1].

”[1]. Nick Clegg , quoted by Nigel Morris, “Nick Clegg hits at “educational apartheid””, The Independent, 18 August 2010: .