The "Cooperative Life Cycle" is a dynamic framework developed by Cook (2018) at the University of Missouri for understanding the organizational problems faced by agricultural cooperatives as they grow and evolve over time, and device managerial solutions. Read here how EDC adapted and applies this framework in the African context.

The "LINK Methodology" developed by CIAT is thought to guide interventions for improving the integration agricultural cooperatives and rural SMEs in value chains, in the context of developing countries, through value chain mapping and business model canvases.

The "Agribusiness Leadership Program" (ALP) developed by IFC aims to professionalize farmer organizations in developing countries. It integrates ScopeInsight (SI) auditing tools, classroom training and field-based coaching in a 6 to 24 month program designed to measurably improve the organizational, financial, operational and marketing skills of farmer organizations.

The "Uniform Act for Cooperative Societies" by OHADA (French acronym for the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa), which provides the legal framework for all cooperative enterprises operating in 17 countries of Western and Central Africa.