The "Cooperative Life Cycle Framework" is both research and training tool developed by Prof. Michael L. Cook at the University of Missouri, in order to diagnose the problems faced by agricultural cooperatives as they grow and evolve over time, and teach their leaders how to envision and enforce adequate management solutions. Read here how EDC adapted this framework to the African context.

The "Questionnaire for Cooperative Leaders" is a survey tool developed by CIAT (CGIAR) to rapidly assess the leadership capacity and commercial performance of agricultural cooperatives in Africa, through:

1. An aptitude test for cooperative leaders

2. A structured questionnaire for measuring cooperative performance

The "Cooperative Business Planning Module" is a training-tool based on the Business Model Canvas, as proposed by CIAT (CGIAR), to guide focus group discussions and multi-stakeholder consultations in designing business plans for the establishment or consolidation of commodity and value-chain specific unions (or apex organizations) of primary (or grass-root) cooperatives.