Cooperative Learning & Leadership Events

A CLLE is a 3-5 day workshop involving up to 100 leaders (or elected board members) of agricultural cooperatives from a given country, as well as local service-providers, national policy-makers and international donors and investors. The content of the CLLEs is driven by relevant, international and cutting-edge research that is validated against the primary information and data obtained through these events. The CLLEs are organized and financed by OCDC in collaboration with partnering institutions, such as international NGOs as well as national government agencies, farmer unions and Universities.

A CLLE involves the following activities:

  • data collection to assess the leadership and performance of coops

  • lectures on change-management and organizational innovation for Africa-based coops

  • focus group discussions to develop strategic alliances and joint business plans

  • policy-debates to share business plans with governments, donors and investors

Since 2013, the EDC curriculum has been used to train the leaders and stakeholder of more than 1,000 cooperatives, through a total of 17 CLLEs held in 9 African countries (see map below).

The EDC implementation plan and curriculum design for 2019-2022 are available in here.