Enhancing Development

through Cooperatives


The EDC program develops research-based tools, events and strategies for building the managerial capital of agricultural cooperatives in Africa.


Research-driven outreach to bridge and enable rural cooperators, local consultants, national policymakers and international donors in helping cooperatives increase their:

  • business/members ratio
  • organizational professionalization
  • capture management
  • product specialization
  • member satisfaction


Since 2008, EDC has:

  • collected data on 1,300 coops from 10 countries
  • produced 21 peer-reviewed policy/research publications
  • developed tools for assessing and training coops' management
  • organized 10 cooperative learning events involving 800 stakeholders in 8 countries
  • provided advisory services to 17 development projects
  • created a network of local consultants from 9 African countries
  • contributed to success stories (pdf) (online) and development impact
  • obtained accreditation by the AMEA Global Alliance
  • obtained membership of the CIRIEC International Scientific Network