Summer 2002 Graduations

Some friends from an English I class come together to

celebrate their diplomas and their friendships.

English I, II Valedictorians and friends come together. The

Valedictorians of the class are based on their test scores,

attendance, and class participation. Test scores alone are

not enough because more than one often gets a 100%

on the final exam!

This student proudly displays her Citizenship Diploma.

Although the Citizenship diploma does not give her

U.S. Citizenship, when her INS Interview comes, she

will feel she is prepared for the interview questions.

Most of our Citizenship students pass the INS interview's

history and writing tests on the first or second attempt.

A student receives his GED diploma after passing all

five GED Tests. The past year, obtaining the GED

had gotten more difficult. If a student doesn't pass all

the tests within a year from the day he or she takes

the first test, the student has to start taking the tests

all over again. There is one testing date a month,

except in July when the testing site we use is closed

for the summer. Congradulations to this student who

can now attend U.S. Colleges and vocational schools.