Spring 2012 Graduations

Above are Dominic Avellani, left, Ren Avellani, center, and

Mrs. Janis Woodman, right, for the presentation of an

award to Dominic Avellani for 40 years of service to the

Community Educational Center.

Above are the guests of honor for the two spring graduations. On the left, Mr. Josh Zakim,

representing the Lenny Fund, is presented with a copy of the U.S. Constitution. On the

right is Mrs. Janis Woodman, Manager and Vice President of East Boston Savings Bank.

She grew up in East Boston and inspires the graduates with words of encouragement and


Above are some of the proud students who received diplomas in English I,

English II, GED, and U.S. Citizenship.

On the left are new U.S. Citizens who were presented with American Flags by Director Avellani and

East Boston Savings Bank Manager and Vice President Janis Woodman. On the right, computer

students pose with their teacher.

For the students, it is a time of accomplishment, happiness,

and friendship.