Spring 2003 Graduations

The student (right) is happy to be able to pose

with her English teacher who has taught her so much.

Mr. and Mrs. Macomber from the Macomber foundation

were two of our Guests of Honor at our Saturday graduation.

They spoke to our students about life in America, integrity,

education, and living as good people. As you can see, they

were very excited to receive school shirts.

Judge Ferrino, Ret, of East Boston District Court was

a Guest of Honor at our Wednesday night Graduation.

He told Hispanic, Asian, and African students about

how other immigrant groups such as the Italians had a

difficult time at first in America but with hard work,

education, and intelligence they today live good lives

and that today's immigrants can do the same if they

strive for it.

A Morroccan women (left), her son (center),and her

friend (right) pose for a photo. The Moroccan receives

her English diploma as her son looks on with pride.

Here, two friends from class pose together. Years ago,

yellow gowns were for women and blue gowns were for

the men. Over the years, many women have wanted to

wear blue and vise-versa so now students get to choose

blue or yellow, regardless of sex.