Center History

The Center was begun in 1972 in the North End of Boston by Professor Dominic Avellani, an ex-Italian immigrant who experienced firsthand the great need for educational services for immigrants and refugees in the Boston Area. It has taught English, Citizenship, Computer, and G.E.D. to Italian, Hispanic, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Eastern-European refugees and U.S. school drop-outs. In 1979, a second Center opened in East Boston due to the large demand for Adult Education. In 1989, the Center assisted the immigration service with its Amnesty Program. In 1995, the Center became the first CASAS U.S. Citizenship testing site in Massachusetts.Thousands were trained and tested for the U.S. Citizenship Exam. Many of them today are voting members of over society. In 1994, Senator Ted Kennedy visited the Center and applauded the school's aid to the immigrants. A new Center was opened in Jamaica Plain to help that community catering mostly to the Dominicans. From 1995- 1998, the Center tested (CASAS) to our 5,000 for the U.S. Citizenship test, Wonderlic ATB testing, an entrance test primarily for perspective vocatiuonal school students, such as Cosmetology, Barbering schools, carpentry, automotive, welding, motorcycle mechanic schools, etc. The Center also assisted children and teenagers with computer classes, tutoring in all 5 academic subjects, conferences on how to avoid drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancy, gangs, and related services.

From 1972 to 2016, the Center assisted over 45,000 immigrants, refugees, and High School dropouts without any interruptions.