Eastern Swim Association (ESA)

Welcome to the Eastern Swim Association (ESA) website. The ESA, a summer swimming league, is comprised of 12 teams from the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa. It is divided into two divisions with 6 teams each: Division I & Division II.

This website is designed to provide coaches, ESA representatives, and families with helpful information about the summer swim season.
Looking for directions to a meet? Need to contact a coach or ESA rep? Can't remember your team's meet schedule? Then look no further...

Good luck swimmers! Have a GREAT summer!

Division I
Bel-Aire (73)
Forest Hills (95)
Gateway Heights (60)
Haymaker (47)
Meadowink (65)
Murrysville (158)

Division II
Blackridge (47)
Edgewood (120)

Garden City (45)
Park (90)
Rosedale (64)
White Oak (83)

(x) indicates # of swimmers
Ed Galloway,
Jun 21, 2019, 4:48 AM