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January Program chair, Philip Blackman, eaH President

Friday January 29th Noon to 1PM

Speaker: Dan Eckert - Time Lapse Photographer

Topic: Developing Hyperlapse Photography and the Camtrac dolly

Dan became a producer of time lapse videos in the early days starting with 8mm film. He captures ordinary views abundant around us in artistic ways blending 3D objects in time and space!

An example of Hyperlapse photography and Dan’s Camtrac can be see at this link

Other examples of Dan’s work can be found at this link:

Dan became a person sought to reveal excitement at conventions, and to document construction project progress. He will share some of his videos, his techniques, and an open discussion with the eaH audience. Our members are encouraged to offer their suggestions to employ Dan’s tools to visually improve projects or studies of interest in Hawaii!

February Program chair, Martin McMorrow (Mac), Past eaH President

Friday February 5th Noon to 1PM

Speaker: Sam Dannaway - VP Fire Protection Engineer - Coffman Engineers

Topic: Fire: As a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Sam returns to eaH with another story about the engineering of using Fire as a Weapon of Mass Destruction which all sides used during World War II. Sam will tell the story of how fire protection engineers and fire service professionals worked with the Army Air Force and the Royal Air Force during WWII to plan the firebombing of German and Japanese industrial and population centers. Based on the NFPA Publication Fire and the Air War.

Friday February 19th Noon to 1PM

Speaker: Hans K Van Tilburg PhD

Maritime Heritage Coordinator Pacific Islands Region

NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Topic: "Nanhai #1: A Window on the Maritime Silk Road"

Hans returns again to eaH to tell us about China's ambitious Nanhai #1 excavation project, initiated in 2007, which achieved an engineering milestone in the recovery of underwater cultural heritage that has never been replicated. The discovery of a 900-year old Song dynasty merchant vessel culminated in the removal of the adjacent seafloor along with the entire intact wreck, allowing for meticulous "in situ" excavation under environmentally controlled conditions within a specially-built lab on a nearby island. The wealth of porcelains and trade goods found with the vessel demonstrates the extensive and vibrant past of the Maritime Silk Road, and archaeologists are only now reaching the lower levels of the vessel’s cargo holds. The project is also relevant to today’s resource and management issues in the South China Sea.

Past Meetings:

December Past Meeting: HART

The December 18th 2020, speaker was Stephen Cayetano, Deputy Executive Director HART and the topic was an Update on Honolulu’s Rail Project HART. Stephen and his team provided eaH with a general update on Honolulu Rail Project. He also talked about the ongoing Dynamic Train Testing of running trains, Construction update to complete project by 2028 and the Project Survey. He then answered questions. This meeting will be featured on the eaH YouTube channel.

YouTube Link: Pending

October 23th Zoom meeting Second Great Chinatown Fire by Sam Dannaway is available on eaH’s YouTube channel at the link below: What role did the Bubonic Plague have in the Chinatown Fire?

October 9th Zoom meeting The Covid 19 Office Forum with Bill Brizee, Maria Tome, Rob Kinslow, Andrew Stanton is currently available on eaH’s YouTube link:

September 23, 2020 Zoom Meeting

Mauna Kea Astronomical Site Survey 1965- 1967

YouTube Link:

August 21, 2020 Zoom meeting

Dr. Justin Kerr is Head of Research at Talus Analytics

Analytic Approaches To Understanding Covid 19

Reference Sites: About Covid Act Now

Covid AMP Analysis and Mapping of Policies

YouTube Link:

(No In Person Meetings Currently Scheduled Only Zoom meeting Until Further Notice)

Meetings are open to all interested persons and were held Fridays in Downtown Honolulu. Meetings start at NOON and end PROMPTLY at 1:00 pm.

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