engineers and architects of Hawaii

engineers and architects of Hawaii

Hawaii's oldest engineers' & architects' association,

meeting since 1902.  

May Program Chair: Lee Mansfield Past eaH President, Manager Hawaii American Water Co.

Noon Meetings start 11:45 am End 1:00 pm sharp (Hawaii Time)

In person meeting is in Room 301 Topa Tower 745 Fort Street.

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Special Notice: eaH Bulletins from 1928 to 1962 are now available in the eaH Archives on this site


Friday May 12 Meeting


Speaker: Mike Smola Director of Education

Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives

Topic: History Theatre Program / Education


Mike Smola is currently the Director of Education at the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives. He has been on staff since 2008 and has been curator of public programs for the last 12 years. He is also the researcher behind the award winning History Theatre programs at Hawaiian Mission Houses. 

Friday May 26 Meeting


Speaker: Bill Bonnet – 1979 Past President and Retired Hawaiian Electric Executive

Topics: Early Atomic Energy Programs-1960’s


Bill will share his personal observations from his summers of 1962 to 1964 when he work on early atomic energy programs and witnessed one of the last surface atomic blasts.  


Underground Atomic Testing: where, when, and why. The tunnel complexes and individual tunnel design. A short tutorial in header and bench tunneling and the art of drill and blast techniques.


Operation Plowshare: potential peacetime uses of atomic blasting and the role of the Sedan Shot (last surface test) in that program. Description of the North American Water and Power Alliance as a prospective application.


The Rover Program: objective was to design and build a nuclear reactor which could be used as a rocket engine.  Difficulty of using liquid hydrogen as both coolant and propellant. Metallurgy (temperature gradient) challenges associated with a reactor core next to almost absolute zero liquid hydrogen. Unique constraints in construction of a test stand in a radioactive environment.


A $5 donation is accepted for lunch.  Validated parking $3.

eaH on Olelo Channel 53 

This year EaH continues to host past meetings on Olelo Channel 53. The 30 Minute Programs premier on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm and replay every Sunday’s at 1:00pm.

eaH Olelo Channel 53 May Program:

History of the Honolulu Fire Department by Sam Dannaway FPE


“A study of the history of the Honolulu fire department is a study of the culture, society, politics, and changes of the time of Honolulu itself. A fire department doesn’t grow in a vacuum, it develops in response to the changes in the society, culture, and especially the politics that surrounding it. It can best be stated by the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s, “It is the past that tells us who we are. Without it we lose our identity.” 

Showings: Wednesday May 10 6:00 pm and Sundays at 1:00 pm

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“2nd Great Honolulu Chinatown Fire 1900”

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“Aloha Stadium ReDevelopement”

Speaker: Terry McFarland

  Meetings are open to all interested persons and are held Fridays in Downtown Honolulu Topa Tower 745 Fort St (Old AmFac Bldg) Room 301.  Meetings start at NOON and end PROMPTLY at 1:00 pm.

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