Digital Scribes Program

SCA Photography – Digital Scribes Program

The SCA is one of the most visually engaging organizations in the world! We are pleased to have a host of photographers documenting the activities of the Society. We have created a Digital Scribes program to provide SCA branches and officers a host of great photography to enrich their publications.

Guidelines for Use

The photographers in this program have provided Society release forms (available upon request) and have indicated that all photos were taken in public places at Society activities. Only the photographs in the specific gallery linked and any sub-galleries contained within that link are released for Society use; please contact the photographer if you would like to use photos in any other accessible gallery.

At this time, all photographs under the release may be used in Society entities’ websites and social media. Any photographs that do not contain people may be used for print publications.

The Society is pleased to provide this directory as a courtesy. The photographers retain all rights and responsibilities concerning their photographs. Please notify the photographer when you have used their work and include a copy or link if possible. Always give credit to the original photographer when possible. All external links are not part of the Society Seneschal web site. Inclusion of a page or site here is neither implicit nor explicit endorsement of the site. Further, SCA, Inc. is not responsible for content outside of

Digital Scribe Directory

  • Lady Catalina Iannarella di Colliano (Karen DeMichiei) – Gallery – Email
  • Cian Mor (Gerald Ford) – GalleryEmail
  • THL Cinaéd de Eden (Ken Eden) – GalleryEmail
  • Viscountess Danielle de la Roche (April Edwards) – Gallery – Email
  • Countess Dulcia MacPherson (Elizabeth M Bair Brooks) – GalleryEmail
  • Viscountess Elashava bas Riva (Susan Gilbert) – GalleryEmail
  • Lord Hanse Drachensohn – GalleryEmail
  • Helene von Braunschweyg (Helene Brashear) – GalleryEmail
  • Lady Marissa von Atzinger (Marissa Williams) – Gallery – Email
  • Lady Reyna Thorne (Dawn Marino) – Gallery – Email
  • Lady Sholeh of the House Black Company (Virginia Sims) – GalleryEmail
  • Ursus of Anglesey (Timothy Tyson) – GalleryEmail
  • Lady Wanda Ostojowna (Wanda Lee Kinnie) – GalleryEmail
  • Lord William Barfoot (Carl Trinkle) – GalleryEmail

— Updated 04/14/15

Want to be a Digital Scribe?

We’re always looking for new photographers to join the program. Contact Master Alexandair for more details and to enroll.