Jacques Lumière De La Cutlers

The Chatelaine is the person set to help all newcomers who come to the SCA and to the Barony of Dun Or (Antelope Valley, CA) in the Kingdom of Caid, see the map page, of the SCA.

Here is where you'll find the first answers to your questions and inquires. As Chatelaines to the Barony they have loaner garb (clothing you can wear to events) for you to wear to an even if you are short on time. There is also a Newcomers meeting held every month as a meet and greet where you can ask questions in person. Other meetings also take place through the month and are also listed on the calendar.

You can connect with us on Facebook at

To help you with getting started here are a few links and videos :

The main SCA site has just revamped everything and has a great newcomers intro here: as well as a step-by-step guide here: