Contact the Clerk

  1. Notify your Classis Stated Clerk of your intended retirement date.
  2. The clerk will then notify the Classis' Pastoral Care Committee
  3. The Classis or Executive Committee makes a "Declaration of Retirement"

Contact the RCA's Board of Benefits Services (BOBS)...

About Retirement
  • If you are planning to retire, contact Thos Shipley ( or 888-221-5480) at the BOBS office six to eight weeks before your retirement date so that they can send you a retirement kit containing instructions and forms you need to complete.
  • Return your forms to the BOBS office at least four to six weeks ahead of the date on which you wish your initial distributions to begin.
  • For subsequent distribution changes, contact Thos three to four weeks before you want the changes to take place.
About Life insurance
  • Contact Cineca Anthony ( or 888-221-5480) at least three weeks before your retirement date to request a conversion form and obtain the insurance rates.
  • Participants have 30 days from the date of retirement to submit the forms to Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company.