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Best Paper Award

SIGWEB DocEng Best Paper Award

Starting in 2011, ACM, SIGWEB, and DocEng are pleased to award the SIGWEB DocEng Best Paper Award to be presented annually at the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering (DocEng). Authors of the winning paper will share a $1000 honorarium and will each receive a plaque.

Rationale for the DocEng Best Paper Award

The ACM Symposium in Document Engineering (DocEng) is a conference of high quality and is the leading outlet for research in its specific area. It is therefore appropriate that the best paper in this conference receive the recognition attached to the receipt of an ACM award. Such a Best Paper Award helps to attract newcomers to the conference while at the same time recognizing an existing leader in the field.

The award also helps to ensure that Document Engineering continues to be recognized as a valued discipline in Computer Science and it extends the visibility of ACM and SIGWEB in the discipline.

The Nomination and Adjudication Process


  • The award is limited to papers accepted to the Full Paper track. 
  • There is a single award for the overall best full paper. 
  • Program committee members nominate papers for the Best Paper Award as part of the normal review process. 


  • The conference program chair(s) selects a two-person adjudication panel. 
  • The names of the members of the adjudication panel are announced at the beginning of the conference. 
  • The adjudication panel selects the award winner from among the papers nominated by the program committee, making the selection by consensus. The adjudication panel has access, at minimum, to the papers, the reviews, and the number of nominations for best paper that each paper received. Should the adjudication panel be unable to reach consensus regarding the winner, the program chair may augment the panel with an additional member, and the award winner is then determined by majority vote. 

Announcement and Prize

The ACM Symposium on Document Engineering best paper award will be announced at the conference banquet or at a session of the conference, depending on the specifics of the conference program. Authors of the winning paper will share a $1000 honorarium and each will receive a plaque. The honorarium and the cost of the plaques is paid from SIGWEB operating funds.