Colour, Light and Vision Workshop

Slide 7-25. Effect of attention on perceived colour (click to enlarge).

This is a special edition of my long-running Colour, Light and Vision workshop specifically designed to supplement the current training of National Art School students. NAS staff and former students are also very welcome. Each day of the workshop consists of about 50% theory (illustrated lectures and demonstrations) and 50% practical exercises designed to guide you through current understanding of colour and light in painting. The workshop differs from and complements my practical painting courses available through NAS Public Prograns and the Julian Ashton Art School (which are about 5 % theory) and my previous AHT lecture course at NAS Theories of Colour (2009-2011). The theory component covers the differences between modern and "traditional" colour theory, application of the framework of colour space (Munsell system) to observing and mixing colour, technical properties of artist's paints and pigments, principles of colour and light, and colour vision science for painters. The practical component includes systematic mixing of colours and shading series in paint, leading up to the use of a preparatory colour test or thumbnail to establish the colour framework of a painting. 

Five day workshop, 10.00 am - 4.15 pm daily. $450 for whole or part of week. Maximum of five students per workshop.

  • Mon - Fri, Jan 29  - Feb 2,  2018 (3 places available)
  • *Dates and times negotiable if the public holiday present a problem.
  • Please inquire inquire for additional sessions in February.

This is a privately run course and is not affiliated with the National Art School. To inquire or book, please email,  or phone on  0416 737 559.

Please click this link for a pdf brochure with full detailsCLVNAS-2016-17.pdf

Class Links

Zip file of slides for workshop: (16 MB, password protected)

Dimensions of Colour links:

Introduction to Munsell system:

Colour mixing paths in Munsell space:

Zones of light and shade:

Colour in light and shade:

Other links:

"What is Colour?" webpage and video

Controlling Colour with the Munsell System (Paul Centore, 2015)

HV/C Standard Color Atlas 20 Hues Digest

Interactive Munsell exercise

Pigment Database. Click on a colour to got to pigment information listed by pigment code.

Compilation of out-of-copyright books on painting, colour etc., available for free download:

Akiyoshi Kitaoka's optical illusion site:

Sample pictures for copying in values or colour (12 images, 10 mb):

For more images try here (click on image, then right click on image on new page and select "original" size; save):

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