Animal Anatomy
David Briggs, Julian Ashton Art School and National Art School, Sydney

Veterinary Anatomical lllustrations (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections).
(*HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Eighty plates from the Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler (Handbook of Animal Anatomy for Artists) by Wilhelm Ellenberger, Hermann Baum, and Hermann Dittrich (1898, 1911 -1925), showing the musculoskeletal systems of the horse, cow, dog, lion, goat and deer, all available as small, medium, large and extra large scans. To access the thumbnails click on Search the collection, then click on the horsie.

Ruini, Carlo, 1618. Anatomia del cavallo, infermità, et suoi rimedii.
Pioneering anatomical study of the horse in the Vesalius mould.


Cheselden, William, 1733. Osteographia, or The anatomy of the bones.
Illustrates the skeleton of the deer, dog, monkey, cat, turtle, crocodile, bear, rabbit, ostrich, sparrow, bat, pig and chameleon, as well as human adults and infants.