DAIDE QuickStart Diplomacy

DAIDE QuickStart Diplomacy is a package that installs everything you need to play Diplomacy against the computer AI. Once installed, just run the QuickStart Diplomacy program and click "Start the Game". And then you're playing a game of Diplomacy against 6 computer players.

UPDATED: MAR 2013: Will now run Press games with the new Albert 6.0 AI

When you are comfortable with the play, and want to progress deeper into the available DAIDE options, come back and intstall the individual components that make up the DAIDE system as described in How-To-Play Option 2.

Download QuickStart Now (Microsoft Windows Installer)

If you are new to Diplomacy you can find rules here, and a guide by Richard Sharp here.

Within the map program there is help on entering orders... but it is all graphical so very quick once you get used to it.

If the AI is running too slow on your computer, reduce the "Difficulty Level" before starting the games. It may take a few attempts to get it right. Level 50 is default and a good level on Standard Map. A map like World may need level 0 or 5, just because of the speed needed with 17 powers at play.