General digi-sec resources

Security Planner - Initiative by Citizen Lab allowing for personalised online safety recommendations after a short quiz

Protecting Yourself on Social Networks - Simple tips to help strengthen privacy on social media. Part of a project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Getting Online - A Basic Guide to Email, Blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Compiled by the Women and Media Collective

The Wired Guide to Digital Security - A guide with some steps to take to improve digital security, based on your threat model

Data Detox - A guide on controlling the information you share with Facebook, Google, and via your mobile phone. Curated by Tactical Technology Collective and presented by Mozilla.

TOSDR - A plugin by Tactical Technology Collective that rates and labels website terms and privacy policies, for those who don't read terms of service.

Safer Sisters - an initiative by Coding Rights that releases feminist digital security tips in gifs, once a week. Twitter hashtag here

How to Perform a Reverse Image Search - Citizen Lab

How to Download and Preserve Video - Citizen Lab

How to Determine Exact Upload Time of a YouTube video - Citizen Lab

How to Extract Audio from a YouTube video - Citizen Lab

How to Extract Upload Time and Location from YouTube Videos - Citizen Lab

Verifying Citizen Video with Google Earth - Citizen Lab

Check who can see what you post online to be a #betterinternetter - Doteveryone

Turn off filters on your social media feeds to be a #betterinternetter - Doteveryone

Verification tools - List of tools for verification including for image and video archiving, finding metadata for image and video, tools to detect image manipulation and more.

Data and You - An initiative by Tactical Tech Collective, examining the impact of tech, data-driven systems on the individual in order to spur informed discussions about accountability. Has sections on dating sites, digital identity and weaponised design.

Five Simple Steps to Take Control of your Data: Simple steps to control what data you share on the Internet and social media. Includes a list of alternatives to use for messaging apps, web browsers, and more.