Meet Schedule

Schedule: (All teams will need to report to the starting area 10 minutes prior to their race time).

11:00am - course closes for setup


3:15 PM Course open for warm-ups

3:40 PM Coaches Meeting at Starting Area

4:00 PM Boys Frosh Small School

4:15 PM Girls Frosh Small School

4:30 PM Boys Frosh Large School

4:45 PM Girls Frosh Large School

5:00 PM Jr..High Girls (1.5 miles)

5:15 PM Jr. High Boys (1.5 miles)

5:30 PM Boys Small Schools Open 1

5:45 PM Boys Small Schools Open 2

6:00 PM Girls Small Schools Open

6:15 PM Boys Large School Open 1

6:25 Pm Boys Large School Open 2

6:35 PM Boys Large School Open 3

6:45 PM Girls Large School Open 1

7:00 PM Girls Large School Open 2

7:15 PM Girls Small School Varsity

7:30 PM Girls Large School Varsity

7:40 PM Boys Small School Varsity 1

7:47 PM Boys Small School Varsity 2 (NEW TIME)

7:55 PM Boys Large School Varsity

8:05 PM Community Race

8:25 PM Girls Championship

8:40 PM Boys Championship

9:00 PM Sole Sports Girls Sweepstakes

9:25 PM Sole Sports Boys Sweepstakes

9:55 PM Awards

*The Open Races that were split will be merged together to determine places.

*Awards to follow for the Sweepstakes Races.

Awards: Student athletes will be able to pick up their awards following their races at the Awards tent. Results should be available within 10 minutes following the race. There will be a final award celebration following the Sweepstakes races in which the top individuals from the Sweepstakes Races will receive their awards as well as the team awards for the Varsity, Championship and Sweepstakes Races. (This is when the give-a-ways happen as well).

Individual – Medals to top 20 in ALL HS races and Junior High Races. T-Shirts to the TOP 10 individuals in the Sweepstakes races provided by the AWESOME company Shirts INK!

Team- Trophies to the 1st and 2nd place teams in each division, Jr High, Varsity Division, Championship and Sweepstakes races. Nike will provide gifts for the winning teams in the Championship and Sweepstakes races.