Digestive Disorders:

"I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) two years ago. I was placed on heavy pharmaceutical steriods for about nine months to get my bleeding under control, however the side effects were unbearable. I was fortunate that my body went into remission, so I weaned off the meds. Unfortunately, this past spring I came out of remission and my bleeding was out of control. After being placed back on meds, and feeling awful from the side effects (not to mention no relief from the bleeding) I decided to take myself off the medication(s) and try a different route.

Around that time, a friend of mine, who has been ill for years shared with me that she'd found her "miracle worker" in a Chinese medicine doctor right here in Bellevue, Dr. Yi Su. She gave me her card along with her glowing testimony and suggested, "I just give her a try."

So, I did.

And I'm FOREVER grateful I chose to take that leap of faith. Within a couple of weeks my brain fog, horrible headaches and withdrawals were starting to subside and I was feeling more like myself. Yi Su's knowledge, bed side manner, education and support are unparalleled. We are working as a team to heal my body, WHOLE-listically! I've completely changed my diet. I'm flooding my body with alkaline water. I've developed a kinder self-talk and become more intentional with asking for what I need.

My "incurable autoimmune disease" isn't so incurable after all.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you give Dr. Yi Su, a try. You just never know the ways she could change your life."---Lucy

"So I had to write this review because even though I haven't used her my friend used her from the recommendation of our mutual chiropractor at Everything's Spine Chiropractic. Anyways my friend has been struggling with her health for over 3 years and came close to dying. No doctor has been able to figure out what is going on with her and why she has been dropping weight for the last three years. She's been hardly able to eat anything without getting sick. Yi Su was able to find out what was wrong in just a couple visits and my friend is doing much better now."---Jean

Anti-aging, Hormone Balance and Skin Care:

"When I first visited Doctor Su, my acne was really bad. After taking several treatments, my acne got much better. Her treatments were really helpful in balancing my hormone and emotion. I also recommend the facial treatment from her, which improved my blood circulation quite a bit. Now I feel much better."--Dora

I have being seen Yi once a week for both body and facial acupuncture regularly for 3 months now. I used to have some chronic pain and fatigue. Now, it all gone! And her facial needle and scraping treatment are so good for my skin ( the face needles are specially designed I don't even feel them went in!). My skin now looks full of collagen, smooth and tight. Thank Yi so much for helping me! I will keep coming back for my general health and beauty.

"I am a health worker and really got muscle tension by long hours of working. I used to have cramps during the period which gave me huge pain. I was referred by a friend to see Yi Su, licensed acupuncturist. I was very impressed by her professional ability. She can feel where the knots inside the muscle and use a combination of scraping, acupuncture and cupping to relieve the pain. My pain much improved since treatment. Dr. Su has natural herbs for my period along with acupuncture treatment. Cramps gone and my acenes on the face faded away mostly. It do take some visits to take into effect. Your body need time to adjust hormones once taking herbs. However, muscle tensions relief is more obvious after each time visit. Dr. Su is very attentative and explains treatments in a understandable manner. I am so glad I found her!"---Cicee

"Many years ago I tried acupuncture when I had hurt my sciatica nerve. it worked but it took a while to feel total relief. Now i needed a boost on my face and botox wasn't my idea. so i decided to try facial acupuncture. I am now on the 8th session and am amazed at the results! Yi Su is all you need! I didn't even know that the facial needles are not the same as for the rest of body. Ladies! and hopefully gentleman, ensure your acupuncturist knows what she /he is doing. I had done the same number of sessions before but not much result. I am sure the RIGHT needle size is what i needed,and of course Yi Su facial massages are awesome! Just give a trial, you only have facial wrinkles to lose!"---Julie..

Pain and Injury:

"I was having Bell's Palsy with the symptom of Facial Paralysis, couldn't close eyes, having problem drinking and headache, plus a lot of back pain due to many years of standing because of my work. My co-worker recommended Yi to me, she has been seen her for a while, so I get into see Yi as soon as I could. Yi Su was very professional, she gave me a consultation and found out what is the cause of my symptom. She gave me several treatments including needle, cupping, moxa and bleeding to help me get ride of my toxin. I have seen her for 2 weeks and now I can close my eyes now!! Plus My back pain is all gone with all the tightness and swollen. Dr. Su really takes care of her patient holisticlly and she is experienced and knows very well of what she is doing. Highly recommend Yi Su ! She is going to give you a new look of your life!"---T. H

"Recently a friend gave me a gift certificate to try acupuncture and what's called the cupping treatment. I arrived for my appointment with Yi Su, a licensed acupuncturist, at her Bellevue Washington Kneady body wellness center. Having tried acupuncture with other practitioners in the past, it was keenly aware of its benefit in treatment expectations.

"The wellness center is conveniently located and upon arrival was greeted by a friendly staff/acupuncturist. We began our session with hey very easy to understand consultation as to how acupuncture/Cupping/Moxie treatments can wrestle this nagging constant pain I've been having in my shoulders. Thinking to myself, this therapist has really got her work cut out for her, because my pain seems to be elusive. When you press on the pain, it seems to constantly be moving. My God, she found it!!! Amazing"---Leonard

"I had shoulder pain and neck stiff which have been with me for almost a year. Thanks to Yi, she kindly introduced me the Chinese acupuncture Theory and gave me the spectacular treatment with her adept professional skills. Now I feel so much better. If you are still struggling some pains on your muscle or joints, I would highly recommend Yi to you. You will find your daily life can be much more easier and fun!"---Swatch

"It's the best acupuncture experience ever!!! Yi Su is a great acupuncturist who is so professional, thoughtful and patient to her patients! She'll get to know my symptoms and signs completely, and then come up with a specific treatment plan. I had a back pain for several days that makes me difficult to sleep. Yesterday she did scrape therapy, cupping jar and acupuncture for me. I felt so much better, and had a nice sleep last night! I highly recommend this place, 'cause it's not easy to find a acupuncturist who cares patients' health more than anything!!"---Wenlin

"I'm an athletic person and have about 34" vertical. Went to Dr. Yi for some knee pain that had been bothering me for a few months. I have tried different massages and physical therapies but had little effect on the pain itself. I decided to give acupuncture a try. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Yi's acupuncture and herbal medicine started to reduce my knee pain down to 10-20% of the original level. Very happy and highly recommended."----Fei

Intake and overall review:

"I have had acupuncture with many different accupunctureist, Yi is by far the most thourough, she spends time explaining what she is doing and how it all connects, to better your health. She also did some things no other accupunctureist has done, likely because they are time consuming.....All I can say is I came in tired, headache, neckache, stressed, and left feeling relaxed with no pain!!!!!

Rebooked love it!!!!!"---Paige

"The most comprehensive intake for any acupuncture ever! I had a pretty serious surgery about 6 months ago. It takes a long time for the body to recover from serious surgery. I was still having some problems and the acupuncture has really helped balance my body back to almost normal again. I will keep going back!" ------- Risa

Find more reviews online: https://www.yelp.com/biz/de-qi-acupuncture-bellevue