Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Acupuncture uses special needles to stimulate acupuncture points based on holistic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to reduce wrinkles, promote blood flow, lifting, smoothing, reduce puffiness, and treat skin diseases.

It is absolutely a natural way of healing! we don’t put any chemical thing into your body, the needles will help promoted the energy and blood flow which can help your skin look younger and healthier.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe that you internal body effects your outside look. For instance, if you are stressed and tired, your face and body will not look like they are in a perfect condition. So during the session, Yi will help you balance Yin and Yang, Hormones and energy so we can bring the beauty in you out to the surface.

Combined with acupuncture, Yi provides scraping service on the face to manually smooth and lift the skin, for most of the cases, people can see a difference instantly after treatment.

Does the needles and scraping hurt?

Needle used for facial treatment are specially designed extra thin and small, so they are less sensitive than regular needles.

Scraping for face is very gentle and relaxing, so it doesn’t hurt.

"I had done the same number of sessions before but not much result. I am sure the RIGHT needle size is what i needed,and of course Yi Su facial massages are awesome! Just give a trial, you only have facial wrinkles to lose!.... "Julie..

" her facial needle and scraping treatment are so good for my skin ( the face needles are specially designed I don't even feel them went in!). My skin now looks full of collagen, smooth and tight. "--Yishu.L