For new patients, Yi provides 8 different of tests including both eastern and western tests to find out what is really going on of patients' bodies. After that she will provide a report of finding, a treatment plan and recommendation of life style change as well.

For patients that need to come more frequent, Yi will do all the tests again and find out how much the patient is getting better and what parts needed ore work so as to modify the treatments to fit the patients better.

These consultation really is helping patients know their bodies and diseases better, Yi does a lot of education using both west and eastern medical knowledge to her patients because she believes that patients will get better soon if they understand what the causes their diseases and symptoms.

"most comprehensive intake for any acupuncture ever! "---Risa. F

"I have had acupuncture with many different accupunctureist, Yi is by far the most thourough, she spends time explaining what she is doing and how it all connects, to better your health. She also did some things no other accupunctureist has done, likely because they are time consuming.....All I can say is I came in tired, headache, neckache, stressed, and left feeling relaxed with no pain!!!!!

Rebooked love it!!!!!"---Paige