Yi’s Acupuncture needles are made of high quality stainless steel and they are all disposable, never will be used again.

Yi has different sizes of needles for different needs, for example, for people who are very sensitive to needles, Yi will use baby needles to minimize the feeling of insertion.

Hands on work! Yi has a very good overview of which acupuncture points to use when treating patients by touching and feeling their bodies and energy.(She is knowledgable of both eastern and western medicine, so she knows which muscle is connected to which acupuncture points). The way she is doing her practice is a holistic approach, which means she doesn’t only work on one thing, she will find out the real causes and the connected symptoms and work on them all together, so patients can get better sooner.

No One Size For All!--- In Yi's practice, everyone will have a customized plan of treatment, even if patients have same diseases, they may have different causes of the diseases and different symptoms. So everyone is unique and going to get unique treatments and herbs.

"I am sure the RIGHT needle size is what i needed"--Julliet

"Those needles don't hurt!"---J.X

"You can tell she knows what she is doing and has a way of customizing her practice to accommodate each persons issue. I became a believer of acupuncture and was very much at ease with her."--Kelvin