Denni Tommasi

Job Market Candidate (2017-18)

(last update: 11/3)

ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles
Visiting Boston College during 2017-18
140 Commonwealth Avenue,  
Maloney Hall room 343,
MA 02467, USA

US Phone: +1 857-316-5257
EU Phone: +32 485179146
E-mail: dtommasi [at]

I will be available for interviews in Barcelona, London and Philadelphia.

Research interests: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: Control of Resources and Demand for Food (Latest version: 10/31)

Abstract. I combine structural and reduced-form identification techniques to estimate the effects of controlling individual resources on household demand for food. Exploiting random assignment of the Mexican PROGRESA program as an instrument for maternal control of resources, I show that mothers having majority control of household resources increase the share of consumption on food by 6.5-8.3 percent. I use these estimates to argue that, by knowing the distribution of pre-program resources inside the household, and hence how much influence each decision maker can have on the final outcome, a policymaker can improve the cost-effectiveness of a cash transfer program by targeting the cash to resource shares in addition to gender.

Working Papers:

1. Estimating Household Resource Shares: A Shrinkage Approach (This version: 9/2017) (Revise & Resubmit, Economics Letters) with Alexander Wolf (Institute For Fiscal Studies) (Longer first version)

2. Women's Empowerment and Family Health: Estimating LATE with Mismeasured Treatment (This version: 8/2017) (Under Review) with Rossella Calvi (Rice University) and Arthur Lewbel (Boston College) (Here you can download the dofile to implement MR-LATE!)

3. Household Responses to Cash Transfers (This version: 10/2017) (Under Review) with Bram De Rock (ECARES) and Tom Potoms (ECARES)

4. The Value Added by Art Experts: The case of Klaus Ertz and Pieter Brueghel the Younger (This version: 11/2017) (Under Review) with Anne-Sophie Radermecker (Université libre de Bruxelles) and Victor Ginsburgh (ECARES)

5. Informational shocks and food safety: A field study on street vendors in urban India (This version: 10/2017) with Gianmarco Daniele (Bocconi University) and Sulagna Mookerjee (Georgetown University) (RCT with the support of InnoAid, Copenhagen)

6. How Cash Transfers Improve Child Development (This version: 8/2016)