Denni Tommasi

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(last update: 1/1)

ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles
As of September 2018, I will be an 
Assistant Professor at Monash University
Melbourne, Australia.

E-mail: dtommasi [at]

Research interests: Development Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Working Papers:

1. Household Responses to Cash Transfers (This version: 10/2017) (R&R Economic Development and Cultural Change) with Bram De Rock (ECARES) and Tom Potoms (ECARES)

2. The effect of experts' opinion on prices of art works: The case of Peter Brueghel the Younger (This version: 11/2017) (R&R Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization) with Anne-Sophie Radermecker (Université libre de Bruxelles) and Victor Ginsburgh (ECARES)

3. Women's Empowerment and Family Health: Estimating LATE with Mismeasured Treatment (This version: 5/2018) with Rossella Calvi (Rice University) and Arthur Lewbel (Boston College) (Here you can download the dofile to implement MR-LATE!) (Under Review)

4. Informational shocks and food safety: A field study on street vendors in urban India (This version: 6/2018) with Gianmarco Daniele (Bocconi University) and Sulagna Mookerjee (Georgetown University) (RCT with the support of InnoAid, Copenhagen)
5. Control of Resources and Demand for Food (This version: 11/2017)


Estimating Household Resource Shares: A Shrinkage Approach, with Alexander Wolf (Institute for Fiscal Studies), Economics Letters, Volume 163, February 2018, Pages 75–78. (Longer first version, 03/2016)