In 2006 I obtained a PhD in mathematics (see also my poster for a brief summary) and this was followed in 2007 by my PhD in economics

I am a full professor in mathematical economics at both the  Université libre de Bruxelles and the KU Leuven.  I also hold visiting positions as Honorary senior research associate at the department of economics of the University College London (UCL) and as International research fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

I am one of the coordinators of the Belgian interuniversity research group GARP. I am also the spokesperson of the EOS funded research project IWABE

Please consult my curriculum vitae curriculum vitae for more detailed information about me. Finally, below you find some recent pictures of my lovely wife Michelle, my three adorable children Daan, Anna and Klara and some different versions of me that you can find online.

Starting at KUL (2000)             
Just defended my PhD (2006)


Starting at ULB (2007)                                            
Winning a prize (2012)