Daysha first was a yoga instructor at our company and I was immediately impressed by how she made something fairly complex easy to follow, very engaging, and fun. This is from someone who usually considers good sports being Thai boxing, running, and pushups. So it was somewhat disconcerting when Daysha put us in plank position and my arms weren't so strong after all...

So I asked if she'd start coming over to our house to teach yoga for my wife and I and we started doing that every Sunday night for a long session - and wow, what a cool way to dive deeper into yoga. It’s everything from a general workout to stretching to building strength and posture to getting your mind ready for a week of hard work. Daysha brings enormous attentiveness to details, remembers the smallest pieces from last week, and is very perceptive - while also just being a really fun, interesting, and encouraging person to hang out with.

We're still extremely early into the world of yoga, but seldom has a teacher had me this enthralled with a subject. Daysha rules!

-Christopher & Asa Ahlberg

Boston, Massachusetts

Well, for starters, I almost didn't want to write a testimonial because I didn't know how I could possibly explain the amazing qualities of Daysha alone and then her skills as a yoga instructor in a few short sentences. But I will try. My sessions with Daysha are nothing short of incredible. She is so knowledgeable, at times it is truly unbelievable. I can't stump her! She knows so much about what seems like everything. Her attitude is always upbeat and her energy is truly infectious. Having Daysha as an instructor is much more than a yoga lesson it is more of an experience filled with absolute relaxation, challenges, rewards, and thought-provoking insight. I went from not doing yoga at all, I could barely reach my toes, to practicing with Daysha now almost two years. And I have loved every single minute of it. Having yoga be part of my world has been life-altering, but it is really more Daysha that has been responsible for my complete love and respect for the power of yoga. Working with Daysha is truly a 'once in a lifetime experience' but more importantly it's an experience one should have in their lifetime.

-Jessica G., Washington, DC

Daysha is awesome. I really can’t say enough about her. I met her a little over a year and a half ago at my gym where she was teaching. I had been studying yoga for awhile and was ready to dive a little more deeply into it and very angel-like she just sort of appeared. I was so impressed with her calmness, compassion, kindness, strength and grace. She seemed flawless in her execution of asanas. What amazed me most was that she could teach the class, while doing every asana she was having us do, and still talk to the whole class, clearly and calmly. I knew there was something very special about her, and I asked her if we could arrange private lessons. I can’t even begin to list all the miracles that have happened since, but a few are: my blood pressure is down, pulse is down, I’ve lost between 30 and 40 pounds and quit smoking. My asana practice has gotten much stronger and I’ve learned some great pranayama techniques.

I love the way she keeps me focused on the full yoga path; all eight limbs. She is so encouraging, inspiring and nonjudgmental. For me she is absolutely the perfect teacher and I hope that she will remain my teacher for many years to come. I have an ocean of gratitude for all the ways that she has helped me and wish her the very best.


Bill Barclay, Washington, DC

Daysha is a great yoga teacher. I have been taking yoga for many years--different styles and yoga teachers. I find that her classes make me think creatively about different yoga poses and go beyond what I am used to. She is patient and encouraging with students who are at all different levels. Class is never boring and it flows really well from one pose to the next. Thanks Daysha!

- Roshani Kothari

Washington, DC

A blind Google search of “Private Yoga Instruction in Boston” proved to be some of the most important key strokes I’ve ever made. Daysha is one of the kindest people I have ever encountered. The clear effort she made to tailor our practice specifically to my needs and goals made it seem as if I was her sole project – a trait of a truly great teacher. Under Daysha’s guidance my practice expanded to levels I would have never imagined possible. Daysha even got me (some one who was mainly looking for the physical benefits) hooked on some of the more meditative aspects of Yoga. Daysha’s Yoga knowledge is obviously abundant, but her ability to guide, teach and push in a light hearted manner is what put her on the pedestal in my eyes. The sense of total exertion, calm and strength that accompanied me after each session with Daysha will forever be the goal of my practice. I sincerely miss and cherish the time that I was able to spend with Daysha as she taught me more about life than she will ever know.

I should also note that I recently approached an instructor individually after a class to ask about a song that she had played. Before I had a chance to open my mouth, the instructor emphatically asked, “Who is your teacher? Where do you practice? You’re form is perfect”. Daysha’s teaching even comes through to people she has never met!

-Eric Cooper

Boston, Massachusetts

Having done only a few formal yoga classes in my life, when Daysha started to teach a class 2x a week here at work, I was a little skeptical. That skepticism quickly went away and turned into a keen interest in exploring yoga further . Daysha’s warm personality, kindness, and enthusiasm for yoga were indeed infectious. She also made me aware that many of the dance positions I use to teach were very yoga based so it’s was fun to take Daysha’s class, and work on new skills as well as improving on the old. While her passion for anything yoga and India is undeniable, she never made you feel uncomfortable about not being a yogi. I think many people would benefit from her class and she is such a doll to work with. My only sorrow was to see her leave us.

-Diana Taylor

Cambridge, MA

Daysha is an excellent yoga instructor and an inspiration to all her students. She is very knowledgeable in the ancient tradition of yoga and it shows in her classes. Yoga can at times be difficult and one needs to set goals to reach the next level. Daysha has the patience and the skills to allow her students to grow. She always reminds them that yoga is not a competition and that each of us needs to listen to our own bodies and not push beyond our limits. Her classes are well organized and balanced with each one uniting the body, mind, and spirit in a way that is amazing.

In my own life yoga has brought about a sense of balance and grace with my body, a calm and focused mind, and a restful spirit. Yoga truly is a blessing in my life.

-Matthew Wade

Idaho Falls, ID

September 7, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

Subj: Performance of Daysha Hampton as my Yoga Instructor

Daysha Hampton was my yoga teacher for approximately 8 months. I am a 62 year

old man who had never practiced yoga before. Daysha led me patiently and gently

through increasingly complex poses during the 8 months. During that time, my blood

pressure decreased markedly, my flexibility increased incredibly, and, all in all, I felt

much better about myself.

During the time, Daysha and I became close friends with always time for laughs.

Daysha always was encouraging and supportive. I can’t give her a better testimonial.

I miss her.

r/Keener Earle


I wouldn’t say that I’m your typical yogi. Before I walked into Daysha’s class I was about as limber as a 2x4. And even more than that, I didn’t really understand what yoga was all about. That is to say that what I did understand about yoga was that it helped you become more flexible. And that’s what I needed. That’s why I sought yoga out. On that issue Daysha proved capable beyond what I ever could have expected. She worked with me to improve my flexibility to a point that I never thought I would again reach. Even better, she gave me the confidence to know that I could improve even more.

There is no question that my flexibility improved, which helped me improve my overall health. But more than that—and more importantly than that—Daysha opened my eyes to yoga beyond the pop culture, LA image. Daysha opened my eyes to the spirituality embodied by yoga. She taught me the power of breath. She helped me reach a higher path—helped me see the world through a different set of lenses. Through her, I came to understand life. She is the embodiment of flow.

I still can’t quite understand how I was lucky enough to find Daysha in the middle of Idaho. But I do understand how lucky I was to have found her and will be forever grateful for the impact that she has had on my life.

-Joshua Tolman

Idaho Falls, ID

Daysha Hampton is very verstile in her yoga teaching. I shadowed Daysha through many classes which included beginning to advanced students, senior citizens, and children. She has a wide variety of knowledge and a genuinely sweet disposition. She has ambition which is a wonderful attribute to any yoga studio. Her friendship, knowledge, and kindness still remains here in Idaho Falls.

-Kara Denning

Idaho Falls, ID

(Kara is now teaching Daysha's classes and clients in Idaho Falls.)

My name is Jisele and I took several private sessions of Yoga with Daysha. I had a very positive experience while under her instruction. Daysha has a clear and gentle way of teaching Yoga while keeping the individuals needs in mind. I have scolliosis and when I shared my information and concerns with Daysha, she was good about making sure that what she taught me was appropriate as well as beneficial for my body.

What I like most about Daysha is that she is sincere and geniune and that is very important to me. Just being in her presence, it is obvious that she comes from her heart.

-Jisele Tuuri

Idaho Falls, ID

At age 65, I attended my first class led by yogini Daysha. After almost five months, I am more limber and have improved balance. Best of all, my chronic back pain has almost disappeared. I have also noticed that I am much more centered and better able to deal with stress on a daily basis. Daysha is an awesome young woman; beautiful inside and out. We miss her gentle, encouraging teaching method.

Namaste from Southeast Idaho

-Judy DeRoche

Idaho Falls, ID

"Daysha was my first yoga instructor. Her peaceful and encouraging presence made me feel comfortable right away, and she was very sensetive to her individual student's needs. But, yoga with Daysha kicked... She is skilled in her practice and challenges everyone to reach new levels. Daysha knows what she's doing, and is able to encourage her class to do their best."

Hope this helps! You're the best! :D

- Jenny Brooks

Idaho Falls, ID

I got rid of some chronic pains in my shoulders and behind that I had for months. Nothing else I did helped and just one day, they were gone. The only thing I changed was doing yoga. My flexibility is still not where I want it to be, but it's definitely better than it was. Ditto for balance...

[Debbie is part of a dedicated & hilarious group of women, the three muskateers, who became the standard in my classes for over 6 months from the studio to summer yoga in the park. I will always be greatful to them for their unforgettable presence in my classes and for growing with me during my first year of teaching.]

-Debra Sherer

Idaho Falls, ID

Hari Om

Daysha inspires like all passionate teachers. She leaves her influence on all her students. When I decided to dive into more focused meditation, it was Ajarn Daysha who became my teacher. She has never wavered or shirked her task. She has the utmost integrity and is highly proficient in her dedication to yoga. Now that I am a student of yoga and the magic surrounding this path, Ajarn Daysha will continue to be my teacher for the duration of this lifetime. Blessings.

With Gratitude

Hari Om Tat Sat

Shaman Melodie McBride



* Above is the link to Shaman Melodie McBride's Radio Show on Traditional Yoga featuring Daysha Hampton