Rates depend upon the location of the class or private session along with the transportation costs, equipment needed, possible rental of studio space, number of students, and total time involved for teaching the class. Rates are reflective of my years of training in traditions from Southeast Asia, India and the Tibetan Himalayas. I am always conscious of making costs specific and affordable for each varying class. Please contact me with the above details if you have a serious inquiry into yoga and/or meditation classes or private lessons. The rates listed are average and can be less or more depending on whether the class is private or corporate, while other arrangements have been made for charity, schools, workshops, etc. Average rates are as follows:

70 - 90+ /1 hr.

85- 110+/ 1.5 hrs.

108 +/ 2 hrs.

*I am currently using Studio Serenity (Adams Morgan/Woodley Park) in Washington, DC as the location for my private lessons, and I used Art & Soul Yoga Studio when I was in Cambridge, MA (Boston).

Studio Serenity:

*The Studio DC location is more often used for yoga workshops.

Art & Soul Yoga Studio:

photo copyright Gracy Obuchowicz

(for all you DC folks)