Wherever You May Go

This song is taken from the book of Ruth, chapter 1, and might be appropriate for weddings/celebrations of life partnerships. The song was originally written to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a couple who had used this scripture passage at their wedding.

Click here to see an article about this song in the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnody written by Andrew Donaldson. (note the typo: the song was written in 1996 rather than 1966!)

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Performance time: 2:30 Level: medium-easy

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Words and music: David Kai Tune: Renaud

Chorus: Wherever you may go, I will follow, And your people shall be my people too,

Wherever you may go, I will follow, For I would be faithful, loyal and true.

Say the word and I will stay, I will never go away,

We will travel side by side, And God’s love will be our guide. Chorus:

From beginning to the end, I will always be your friend,

When you need me I’ll be there, You can trust my faithful care. Chorus: