For the Younger Crowd:

Ten, Ten Commandments

Ten, Ten Commandments: A fun way to learn the Ten Commandments.

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by David Kai ©1998


Ten, ten commandments God gave for all to see, Ten, ten commandments to live in harmony,

God gave commandments to help us on our way, Take two tablets every day.

1. Do not worship other gods, don’t make idols of wood or stone,

Do not take God’s name in vain, keep the Sabbath for God alone. Chorus:

2. Respect father, mother too, and you’ll live abundantly,

Do not murder in your anger, don’t commit adultery. Chorus:

3. Do not steal, don't accuse, when you know that it's not true,

Do not covet, wanting things that don't belong to you. Chorus:

Scripture reference: Exodus 20:1-17