Seven Days Without Prayer

(Makes One Weak)

The title for this song came from a plaque that I saw in a Christian book store. Jesus’ teachings about prayer from Matthew 7 or Luke 11 were also an inspiration. Having being written soon after my graduation from the Humber College music program, the song is filled with complex and jazzy altered chords.

This song was played by the Christian rock band, Whitestone, but was first recorded by the Sellwoods gospel group. The members of the Sellwoods at the time were: Mike Barnhart (drums), Bob Culp (vocals, synth), Marj Culp (vocals), David Kai (keyboards), Kathy Sellwood (vocals), Reed Sellwood (bass).

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Seven Days Without Prayer words and music by David Kai ©1980

It’s a world where we depend on communication, Through the wires and through the air information flows

It’s an age where thoughts and words can cross the ocean, It’s a shrinking world, but the space between us grows

Though we talk to one another, there’s something missing, We still need to speak from the soul, not just the mind

We still need the oldest form of communication, It’s available for free at any time

Chorus: The lines are open, why not send in a call? The Lord is waiting, just to hear from you all

So just take some time for praying, God would love to hear you speak

You know seven days without prayer makes one weak

If a child should ask its father for bread and fishes, Would that child receive a stone or a snake in its place?

No, and if even earthly fathers will bless their children, Won’t the heavenly Father bless and give you grace?

So if you knock upon the door it will be opened, If you speak unto the Lord you will be heard

Look to Jesus, you will not be disappointed, You will find he’s always faithful to his word. Chorus: