O Smile That Flung the Stars to Waltz

Words by Neil Lemke, music by David Kai Tune: Greenwood

O Smile that flung the stars to waltz ‘cross floors of vastness, whirling grace,

O Heart which pounded out its joy as cosmic drums and trumpets raced,

O Voice that shouted majesty throughout the chaos, whales of light

to echo, thunder, plunge and strive and flame the seas’ great restless night!

O Love o’erflowing dawn’s surprise come streaming forth in deep blue sighs,

O Peace poured from creation’s skies when turning, turning, leaping wide!

Delight in every sunrise spread with banquet of a gourmet God,

with songs which greet and kiss and fly great scented chords, immensity!

O God who gives with endless power, who whispers winter’s glinting showers,

who roars through every summer star, who dances! reels! through skies afire!

who glories! loves! and blazes new! in starfields! wonders! soaring hues!

in dark! in day! in dazzling light! O Majesty! O Awesome Might!

For the licensing fee of $5, you can copy this song for your choir or congregation. Lyric sheet, lead sheet and piano accompaniment version will be provided. To order, contact David Kai at davidwkai@gmail.com

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O Smile That Flung the Stars to Waltz - melody.pdf