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posted Dec 11, 2009, 5:53 AM by David Wilson

Public Opinion and the Campaign

Description: Speaking at the University of Delaware's Lecture series about the 2008 Presidential Election, David Wilson, Political Scientist and former Senior Statistical Consultant for Gallup, discussed the accuracy and predictive power of public opinion polls.


Assessing the Obama Presidency: Public Opinion One Year Later (11/7/09)

Description: Professor David Wilson spoke on how public opinion reflects citizen's views of Obama. He discusses the different roles that public opinion play during an election and during an administration. He also analyzes the accuracy of media reports about Obama's job approval ratings


Data Driven Potential: Clickers in the University Environment

Description: Professor David Wilson speaks to the University of Delaware Winter Faculty Institute about how to incorporate "clicker" technology into everyday university activities. Wilson argues that the value of clickers extends well beyond classroom instruction, and explains how the technology can also be used in administrative and research activities.


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