Coco Links

Here is a list of Links for other Coco Sites. There are a lot of the old sites now gone and most of the links on other sites haven't been updated. I will be verifying these links about once a month and will delete any dead links.

Websites, Blogs and General Coco info

Nick Marentes' Project Archive- A history and archive of Nick's software adventures on the Tandy Color Computer

The Glenside Color Computer Club - Glensides's website. Mostly info on upcoming CocoFest

TRS-80 Color Computer - The Color Computer Wikapedia

Sock Master's Webpage - Sock has done some of the most extreme experimentation with the Coco and Coco software including the amazing "CocoTracker" mod player.

NitrOS9.LCURTISBOYLE.COM - A set of Coco 1/2/3 web pages by L. Curtis Boyle

Al's Place - The Home and history of Sub-Etha Software. A lot of info on Coco and OS-9




Techno's CoCo Page - Lots of interesting information about the various models of the CoCo, including pictures.

The Dungeons of Daggorath Video Game - A page devoted to the classic CoCo game, considered by many to be one of the best games of all time!

Ira Goldklang's TRS-80 Revived Site - Ira's TRS-80 site with pages devoted to the Orchestra 80/85/90

Kevin Dowd - An interesting site with Kevins info on a game he wrote for the Coco and "Unsuccessfully" tried to market. Also, there is an article on a synth card Kevin built for the Coco

VintageCoco - Ron Delvaux's contribution to the Tandy Color Computer. Info page as well as a few software downloads.

CocoPedia - A Color Computer wiki with tons of Color Computer info and history.

Color Computer Forums, Newsgroups and Chatrooms

Coco News Group - Where fellow Coconuts share thier thoughts and ideas... and argue a lot :-)

Coco Chat - You can chat with folks interested in CoCo programming on the #coco_chat IRC channel on Freenode.

TRS-80/Tandy Color Computer Forum - Really nicely setup Coco forum.

Color Computer Software Resources

Coco Coding - This is the home of Aaron Wolf's DriveWire 4. Also a good site for scanned OS-9 manuals

TRS-80 Color Computer Software Repository - A wealth of Coco software in organized directories

NitrOS9 Latest Disk Images - The latest builds from the NitrOS9 repository. The official download site of NitrOS9.

Jim & Charlie Gerrie's Software Page - Jim and Charlie Gerrie have amassed a large amout of original and ports of Color Computer and MC-10 games and software. All in BASIC!

Learnig the 6809 by Dennis Bathory Kitzs - An original cassette tutorial on the 6809 microproccessor by Dennis Bathory Kitzs, a longtime contributor to the Color Computer community. An FTP with cassette images (wav) and Book.

Tandy CocoLoco - by CocoDemus. Home of MintEd, Cursed, Sidekick and Wired

Malted Media Archive - The archive of the CoCo mailing list. Tons of documentation and magazines

NitrOS-9 on SourceForge - The open source operating system for all CoCo's and Dragons. Great documentation in the wiki.

Coco Friends Disk Magazine - A web version of back issues of "Coco Friends Disk Magazine"

Coco Quest - This is Coco Quest, a site for Mike Snyder's TRS-80 Color Computer 2 and 3 (COCO2 and COCO3) programs. He wrote dozens of games between 1987 and 1991 which were sold to and distributed by T&D Subscription Software of Holland, Michigan. He obtained permission to release his COCO games to the public - so they may live forever

Color Computer Hardware Resources

Cloud9 - sells a selection of great hardware and software for the Color Computer

CocoSDC - The CocoSDC is a Western Digital Floppy Drive emulation solution for the Tandy Color Computer utilizing an SD card for storage. This is an amazing piece of hardware by Darren Atkinson.

Color Computer/PC Utilities

DriveWire4 - The official download site for DriveWire4, the virtual PC file system server for the Coco. DW4 supports multiple virtual HDs, MIDI, Virtual Printing, and much more!

LWTOOLS - is a set of cross-development tools for the Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309 microprocessors. It supports assembling to raw binaries, CoCo LOADM binaries, and a proprietary object file format for later linking. It also supports macros and file inclusion among other things.

The Toolshed - Great set of tools including a 6809 assembler, utilities for managing disk images, and much more. A must have for any CoCo coder. Cross platform support (win/lin/mac)

Motoroala 6809 Developers's Tool : Tormod Volden - Developer's packages for develping software on the PC/Linux/Mac for the Color Computer and Dragon

Color Computer, 6809 & Dragon Emulators

Jeff Vavasour's TRS-80 EMULATION Page - The first Color Computer Emulator. Jeff's TRS-80 emulation is good stuff (only runs under MSDOS or DOSBOX).

VCCE (Vcc 2.xx) - With the return of VCC's original author, a project has been started to move VCC into the future. The code has now been moved to MS Visual Studio 2015 in attempts to make it compatible with newer versions of Windows and eventually move it to a cross-compiler for multi-platform support. VCC sources are available here.

XRoar Dragon64/Color Computer 1 & 2 Emulator - the XRaor emlator is probably the most hardware accurate emulation of the Dragon (several models) and Tandy Color Computer 1 & 2.

JS Mocha - Mocha is an HTML 5 Coco 2 emulator for your java enabled web browser. Now with a downloadable "stand-alone" version being developed (link at bottom of page). Brad Grier has done a great job with this.

SWTPC 6800/6809 Emulator - Emulates the Evenson Consulting Services "SWTPC" system sold in the 1980s. The SWTPC runs OS9 Level 1 and Flex. Also a software library for the SWTPC emulator in virtual disk image format.

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