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!! Breaking News !!


!! MShell 01.00.3o Beta Test Release !!

I am releasing MShell 1.0.3o for beta testing only. This release is to make sure directories are reading correctly on all systems and that the GUI functionality is intact. This by NO means an "end product" release. There is much, much more to be done before I even reach half of my goal for MShell. But it is imperitive to test MShell on different systems at this point to assure compatability with all OS9 setups. The file manager will be the heart of every other module and must run like clockwork or there's no use continuing with the project.

Please see the link below for all info and to download MShell 01.00.2t

MShell - The Ultimate OS-9 GUI

And Now... The MShell Demonstration Video!!

I have just released a video on the power of MShell on youtube.

You can view the video here"


Coco / DriveWire4 / HdbDos

Starter Kits

!!Are Now Available!!


NOTE: The downloads for the Coco/DriveWire4/HDBDOS Starter Kits are a little old now. There are newer versions of VCC, XRoar, HDBDOS, MESS, & NitrOS9 aviailable anf the Starter Kits need updating badly. I hope to be updating the packages soon as well as adding some new packages for the "real" Coco as well as for MESS.

After a long wait for the NitrOS9 repository to become stable again, I have been able to resume work on the "Color Computer HDBDOS/NitrOS9/DW4 Starter Kits" that I promised to work on last year. The state of the NOS9 repo was so bad, I didn't want to produce a kit with bad boot disks so I opted to wait.

These kits include everything needed to get your Coco running with DW4, HDBDOS and NitrOS9. Include are fully configured HDBDOS roms, the DriveWire4 server, bootable NitrOS9 VHDs and the emulators (not included on kist for real Cocos).

So far, I have completed the kits for:

XRoar Coco 2 64k HDBDOS/DW4/NitrOS9

XRoar Coco 2B 64k HDBDOS/DW4/NitrOS9

Vcc 1.4.3b Coco 3 6809 2-meg HDBDOS/DW4/NitrOS9

Vcc 1.4.3b Coco 3 6309 2-meg HDBDOS/DW4/NitrOS9

I hope to follow up soon with the Mess versions as well as versions for the "real" Coco 1, 2, & 3.

These kits are still in Beta testing, so let me know if something isn't right or if something doesn't work



Color Computer DW4/HDBDOS/NitrOS9 Starter Kits


!! Good News on DW4Man !!


An Addendum to the DW4Man Warning below:

I have been informed by Joel Ewy that DW4Man will run "as is" on his CocoFPGA with a RassberryPi DW4 server. With his CocoFPGA running at 25mhz, the DW4 parser problem disappears just as it does on an Overclocked VCC emulation. With this revelation, I may just redo the DW4Man dw parser to my newer parser I've been working with in MShell. This would make DW4Man run on the real Coco 3 once again as well as on "normal" clocked VCC. DW4Man is allowing Joel to run his DW4 server "headless" as the disk images can be selected from the DW4Man GUI. This all makes me feel a little better about the last release of DW4Man and makes me want to improve it.

Though the functionality of DW4Man will be replaced in the near future with may latest project "MShell".



!! UltiMusE III version 10.11.4A !!

The DriveWire4 Edition

After 3 years of disecting the Ultimuse III source code, I finally feel confident enough to add to and modify the software suite. This is something I have wanted to do ever since Mike Knudsen handed the sources over to me. It has taken me the past 3 years and a lot of experimentation and research to learn Mike's unique style of "C" programming and to disect his "fragged" sub-modules and "virtual memory" features.

I decided that for my first venture into bringing UltiMusE III into the new millenium would be to add DriveWire4 functionality to the MIDI setup module. I have also eliminated the need for UltiMusE to fork the external OS-9 commands "tmode" and "pwd". They are now handled internally by UltiMusE. I've also added a "nicer" bell sound than the standard OS-9 "bell" that sounds nothing like a bell :-)

This will be the first "Official" new UltiMusE 3 release in over 15 years!!

The DriveWire4 features are:

DW4 MIDI Device manager - Um3W module

DW4 MIDI Profile manager - Um3W module

Internet Updating of the UltiMusE III software suite via DriveWire4, direct to the Coco! - Um3U module

These new features will work on any NitrOS-9 Level II system with DriveWire4 support and a Coco 3 with 512k of memory or better.

They will also work on VCC v1.4.3b with Becker Port support and DriveWire4

The Updater function requires DW4 to have an open internet connection.

I hope to soon add more features to UltiMusE III. I have many "mods" in planning and will try to work on them as I find time from the other Color Computer projects I have going. Having used UltiMusE III for many years in song writing and performance, I built up quite a long "wish list". I hope to now bring those ideas into being with new releases of UltiMusE III.

Eventually, I hope to evolve the complete software suite into "UltiMusE Pro" geared for recording studio and live performance usage.

Some of the planned features are:

32 MIDI Parts per Score

New "Pause" and "Continue" functions

More Parts per Staff (to help faciliate the new parts)

New Clef types including an expanded percussion Clef

Full 128 note General MIDI percussion support

"Named" MIDI Events with "Load" and "Save" functions

New "+8va" and "-8va" Score items for setting the part octaves

Ability to load and play Lyra files

Conversion from other non-MIDI formats such as Musica, Bells & Whistles II and Orchestra 90cc

and much more...

So keep an eye out (and an ear) for new releases right here and on the UltiMusE III page

(linked in the left sidebar)





!! DW4Man Beta 2c Released !!


It has come to my attention that DW4Man is not running properly on a real Coco 3!

During the last stages of the developement and testing of DW4Man, my Coco 3 was down with a broken keyboard and was not usable. All coding and testing for DW4Man was done on VCC 1.4.3b with Becker port support. There was a problem with VCC running DW4Man at "normal" Coco speed and the program would only function when VCC was highly overclocked. I was assured by someone who had supposidly tested DW4Man on a real Coco that it was running fine on the real machine. Since then I have found it is NOT running properly and therefore have decided to do a complete rewrite of the DW4Man software suite. Until this rewrite is complete, the latest version of DW4Man will ONLY run on VCC 1.4.3b with Becker port support with a highly overclocked CPU. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused in trying to run DW4Man but it was due to situations beyond my control. The problem WILL be rectified soon. DW4Man will be cyber-morphing into something bigger... better... Keep checking back for the big news of the new and improved version.

! There will be no more updates to DW4Man until this problem is resolved !

The latest enhancement is the Screen Control. This utility allows the user to set the mouse resolution, set the mouse port, set the key repeat delays, and most of all... set the screen colors! Basically it's a text based version of the MultiVue Control panel. With easy arrow key selection and control you can set DW4Man's colors to what ever pleases your eyes. I also squashed a few things that were "buggin" me.

DW4Man allows you to browse and mount your PC/Mac/Linux Dsk & Vhd images directly from you Coco 3 and NitrOS-9. It will also set your DW4 Midi parameters. Also, DW4Man is the ONLY Coco program I know of that can download it's own updates straight from the internet using DriveWire 4!! Just click the "DW4Man" link in the left sidebar under the "Projects" section

The latest version can be obtained through the DW4Man updater or from the DW4Man web page.


DW4Man Web Page


The MJK "C" Compiler system for Coco 3 and OS-9/NitrOS9

Based on the compiler used by Michael J Knudsen in the 80s/90s to compile the "UltiMusE III" Midi scoring package for OS-9.

Coupled with an overclocked VCC emulator, possibly the fastest C compiler for the Coco.

Link is in the sidebar under "Projects"


Tutorial and Download for The MJK C Compiler


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