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Working papers

    Work in progress
    • Commitment vs. Discretion in a Liquidity Trap: What Can We Infer from the FOMC's Summary of Economic Projections?with Tiago Berriel and Octavio Machado
    • Monetary Policy and the Cross-section of Stock Returns: A FAVAR Approach, with Tiago Berriel and Victor Duarte
    • Price Setting under Menu Costs and Rational Inattention, with Vivian Malta and Antonella Tutino
    • Price Setting in a Variable Macroeconomic Environment: Evidence from Brazilian CPI, with João Ayres, Rebecca Barros, Marco Bonomo, and  Silvia Matos

    Other writings (blogs, newspaper, and short articles)
    • Crise, Economia e Popularidade, Jornal Valor Econômico, July 5, 2001

    • "Nominal Rigidities and the Microeconomic Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations", by E. Pasten, R. Schoenle, and M. Weber, Workshop on "The Macroeconomics of Granularity and Production Networks", Central Bank of Chile 2017
    • "The Effects of Fed Policy on EME Bond Markets", by J. Burger, F. Warnock, and V. WarnockConference on "Monetary Policy and Global Spillovers: Mechanisms, Effects and Policy Measures", Central Bank of Chile 2016
    • "Federal Transfer Multipliers: Quasi-Experimental Evidence From Brazil", by R. Corbi, E. Papaioannou, and P. SuricoLuBraMacro 2015
    • "Structural Transformation, Education, and Fertility", by P. Ferreira, L. Pereira, and A. Monge-NaranjoLuBraMacro 2014
    • "Volatility and Pass-through", by D. Berger and J. VavraWorkshop on "The Micro and the Macro of Price Rigidities", Central Bank of Chile 2014
    • "Project Selection and Risk Taking under Credit Constraints", by F. IachanLuBraMacro 2013
    • "The Effects of Fund Flows on Corporate Investment: a Catering View",  by N. CamanhoLuBraFin 2013
    • "Trend Inflation and the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle", by S. Alves, LuBraMacro 2012
    • "Inflation Dynamics and Time-Varying Uncertainty: New Evidence and an Ss Interpretation", by J. Vavra, Workshop on the "Macroeconomics of Risk and Uncertainty", Central Bank of Chile 2012
    • "From Many Series, One Cycle: Improved Estimates of the Business Cycle from a Multivariate Unobserved Components Model", by C. Fleischman and J. Roberts, Conference on "Structural and Cyclical Elements in Macroeconomics", Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 2012
    • "Price Setting with Menu Cost for Multi-Product Firms", by F. Alvarez and F. Lippi, NBER - ME Meeting 2012
    • "Linkages Between Exchange Rate Policy and Macroeconomic Performance", by V. Sokolov, B. Lee, and N. Mark, AEA Meetings 2009
    • "Reset Price Inflation and the Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks", by M. Bils, P. Klenow, and B. Malin, Federal Reserve Macro System Meetings 2008
    • Papers in FGV-IBRE Sponsored Session "Price Micro Data in Macroeconomics": "Understanding Movements in Aggregate and Product-Level Real-Exchange Rates", by A. Burstein and N. Jaimovich, "State-Dependent or Time-Dependent Pricing: Does it Matter for Recent U.S. Inflation", by P. Klenow and O. Kryvtsov, and "The Evolution of Price Setting in a Variable Macroeconomic Environment: Evidence from Brazilian CPI", by R. Barros, M. Bonomo, and S. Matos, LACEA Meetings 2008
    • "Robust Monetary Policy in a Forward-Looking Model with Wealth Effects", by E. Araújo, XXVII Encontro Brasileiro de Econometria 2005